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Planning a Yacht Rental in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

A yacht rental allows you to relax while your cares drift away. Recharge and interact with family and friends on board a luxury yacht in rare South Florida.

Yacht rental Fort Lauderdale | Book Your Private Yacht rental Miami

Fort Lauderdale, is one of the most popular in the entire state of Florida. Truly has it all, from beautiful beaches and year-round summer-like weather. In addition to the unique culture and breathtaking Atlantic vistas. What’s the best part? It’s all accessible by Yacht, so ask about Yacht Rental from Yacht Fort Lauderdale!

There is a reason this is such a popular destination for South Florida vacations. It has everything a tourist could want. A South Florida yacht trip is ideal for business gatherings, birthday parties, weddings, and rehearsal dinners. Subsequently, even bar mitzvahs and anniversaries. Consider our 58’ luxury yacht complete with one-of-a-kind dining and breathtaking views.

Southern Florida is best experienced by yacht. So get aboard and select the ideal yacht rental in Fort Lauderdale for your next trip!

With a private boat charter, your personnel will attend to all your needs. When you book our 58’ yacht charter, you will receive an unequal level of service from our Captain and crew.

Take Advantage of Incredible Deep Sea Fishing in Fort Lauderdale

Due to its close distance to the Gulfstream current and the amount of fish that pass through its waters year-round. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is also one of the top fishing stops in the world. Our Captains can easily target large game fish in as little as a half-day trip.

On a private fishing trip, the crew will fish only for the fish you wish to catch. Our private charters last 4 or 8 hours, depending on the type of fishing trip you pick. Day and night fishing tours provide a unique fishing experience.

A Luxury Yacht Rental

Our private charter includes the finest luxury yacht available with a well-trained crew. We have the perfect luxury yacht for every vacation, a stunning Viking™ yacht. When planning a luxury yacht charter, it can be hard to narrow down the options. Luckily, our Yacht Miami crew is the best in town, each possessing well-train motor yacht charter experience. We believe that a yacht charter should be an enjoyable experience from beginning to end. We will do everything possible to ensure that you and your guests have the time of your lives.

Yacht Rental

Market Leaders In The Luxury Yacht Rental Industry On A Global Scale

A yacht charter is without a doubt the most beautiful and exclusive method to see the world’s most unique sites. Each Yacht rental Fort Lauderdale is one-of-a-kind. We cater to your every need, from the diverse charter areas available to the beautiful well-made cuisine served onboard. Our Yacht crew makes every effort to match you with the perfect route. In conclusion, our superyacht crew ensures that you have the best charter experience possible.

The Experience of Private Luxury Yacht

Yacht rental Fort Lauderdale is an entirely in-depth experience that will reach all your senses. Enjoy exquisite elite facilities and stunning ocean views as you tour exciting and unique destinations. Enjoy superb meals for the most detailed palate on a private boat cruise.

Rest and relax while you cruise the vast waters of the Atlantic. The experiences that a yacht can bring will delight and astound you long after your voyage is complete. Our yacht rental Miami offers something distinct and exciting. Whether it’s the destination, the unrivaled service, or the yacht’s characteristics. You’ll be certain to get plenty of pictures on social media of a day you won’t soon forget!

Yacht Rentals in Fort Lauderdale

We have the finest assortment of Luxury Yachts for Partying at Fort Lauderdale Yacht. Charter a luxury private yacht to the Intracoastal, or Ocean. Take a sunset cruise along the Intracoastal or spend an exotic day with your family or friends.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next event. Or maybe planning a romantic vacation and want to take a leisurely boat ride as part of your itinerary. Maybe even if you are throwing a party or a business event. Whatever your plans you’ll be sure to turn heads on a  luxury Viking™ yacht.

We can provide you with the tour of a lifetime. If you’re looking for the best yacht charters Fort Lauderdale offers, then give us a call at 1-877-YACHT-FL today!

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